IP_web_picture_technicky_popisInfoPanels consists of a computer with the Windows operating system, respective software and a display unit. The system can be operated both in the client-server architecture and as a stand-alone kiosk – more information in System Architecture.

System Requirements

  • Optional display device containing graphic input
  • Control unit, i.e. PC with operating system MS Windows 7 or higher
  • InfoPanels software package
  • 230V power supply
  • LAN connection
  • Internet connection (if data from the internet are required)

Detailed requirements for the individual software parts of the InfoPanels System may be found in System Requirements.

System Delivery Versions

  • Complete InfoPanels package: i.e. display device, control computer and InfoPanels software
  • Plug-and-go solution, including consultancy and connection to third-party systems
  • Only the InfoPanels software – use your own display device
  • Only hardware – we will deliver a display device, or control computer, according to your requirements

We offer a wide range of indoor and outdoor display devices for the InfoPanels System – more information in Hardware and Offer of Display Devices.