IP_web_hardware_picturesIn cooperation with our partners, we offer a wide range of display units for the InfoPanels system, which are recommended for use with small, medium, and large applications; specialized solutions can also be offered for large applications. The displays and sets are characterised by the excellent price/performance ratio and often provide a good alternative to higher priced systems.

Our offer includes both outdoor and indoor panels.

InfoPanels WatchDog

The InfoPanels system enables individual panels to be switched on and off at set times. The power off scheduling feature  ensures longer service life of the display device as well as energy efficient operation. For this purpose, the client station can be complemented with the optional InfoPanels WatchDog.

The InfoPanels WatchDog consists of hardware with dimensions of 90x50x58 mm, which is connected to the client’s  computer by a USB supply cable. Software controlling the InfoPanels WatchDog is represented by the .NET library, which communicates with the hardware through the InfoPanels PlayerLauncher application.

The InfoPanels WatchDog oversees the running of the client station and restarts it when necessary.

Communication with NEC Monitors

NEC monitors are equipped with communication interface and planner for switching NEC Scheduler on and off. InfoPanels has integrated communication with NEC monitors and therefore it is possible to plan and switch off monitors, including the PC.


The InfoPanels system controls the interactive kiosk using gestures. Via the input device, the user can directly interact with the operation of the kiosk. The requested information can be accessed by selecting from the list of sources, searching or entering input data, so there is no need to just passively receive currently provided content. Interactivity is ensured by:

  • Touch display
  • Buttons
  • Touchpad, trackball or other input equipment
  • Movement sensor
  • Bar and RFID code reader etc.