InfoPanels layout for campuse Jihočeská universita

Education is an area where the InfoPanels System can be used in many ways: at all levels and specializations. Each school facility needs to spread information about the events in the school and all activities related to the school in a fast and efficient way. Providing information using InfoPanels is not only a comfortable and fast form of informing teachers, pupils and students, but it also represents the school and advances it to the technologically sophisticated level of the 21st century. A suitable location of the panel will provide the school with a new information channel that will not be overlooked.

In addition to displaying information or conference recordings online, InfoPanels can also navigate students and participants in seminars through large buildings and provide details about the organized events.

Benefits of InfoPanels for School Facilities

  • Signposts to the individual objects in the school facility (colleges, student cafeterias, rector’s offices, great halls, cabinets, lecture halls etc.)
  • Information about ongoing events and directions to their venues
  • Displaying information from the department managements
  • Displaying student cafeteria menus at the time of lunch or dinner
  • Displaying advertisements in the form of videos, MS PowerPoint presentations, flash animations and websites
  • Displaying current information, e.g. in the form of a running text
  • Displaying latest news from the Intranet, exam schedules or enrolments
  • Displaying warnings in case of imminent danger and navigation to emergency exits, displaying important operating information