Školení uživatelůIn addition to the delivery of the InfoPanels system, we offer training to end users and company administrators in the following versions:

  • Standard training
  • Maintenance training

Standard training

Standard training of operators is conducted during the implementation of the InfoPanels system and is comprehensively focused on functionality. The training is conducted directly in the operating premises of the company.

Maintenance training

Maintenance training is for:

  • training employees (system operators), who move from one workplace to another and whose role changes within the information system,
  • comprehensive training of newly recruited employees,
  • training of respective groups of employees in the case of expansion of the InfoPanels system by new functions (e.g. after the issue of a new version of the system).

This type of training is a typical part of the services provided within a SLA; nevertheless, it can be conducted separately.

Forms of training

Training of operators

The training is conducted in the company premises either in designated training rooms, directly in operation or it can be combed. In this case, the trainer ensures only the basic training technology (notebook, projector or flip-chart).

The advantage of this type of training is the saving on costs because the personnel do not need to relocate. There is an option to train directly in operating conditions through which significantly better results are achieved. This form of training is typically used during the standard training of users and administrators during the implementation of the information system.

Training in the premises of ELVAC SOLUTONS s.r.o.

The training is conducted by ELVAC SOLUTIONS s.r.o., and all training technology is ensured by the contractor.

This version is used in cases where the client does not have option to use their own training facilities and/or the number of participants is too high. In this case, the training can be delivered in the form of a series of seminars and conferences.

On-line seminar (Webinar)

An on-line seminar, also known as a Webinar is new form of Internet communication and education over the Internet conducted by a lecturer who fully exploits the advantages of personal and e-learning education. This is an alternative to standard training of an informative nature and does not require any physical presence in a specific location.

It is typically used for closely directed maintenance training.  In the case of simpler systems, additional complex training (for example, after the client recruits a new employee) can be ensured using this method.

The advantage is the option to simultaneously train employees from various branches and addresses. The only condition is that the employee can access the Internet. A further benefit is the option to create a training record that can be repeatedly used for support during further maintenance training in cooperation with ELVAC SOLUTIONS s.r.o., as well as internally on the part of the client.

Preparation of instruction videos

ELVAC SOLUTIONS s.r.o. offers the preparation of turnkey instruction videos. The content of these instruction videos is a detailed demonstration and explanation of specific user scenarios or operator tasks in the information system.

This form of training is recommended in cases where there is a demand for individual maintenance training to be repeated. Although the price of producing an instruction video is higher than other forms of training, it can be more beneficial in such cases.  It is advantageous not only in the case of training of exposed tasks conducted by a high number of users, but also for strategically important operations which, on the contrary, are rarely carried out. The operators, after a certain time, lose their knowledge regarding the correct procedure and as they can refresh their knowledge by watching the instruction video again, this will prevent any unnecessary operator errors.