Návrh realizace InfoPanels pro banky

More and more clients nowadays use bank services and the number of banking institutions is increasing. The differences among the offered bank products and services are becoming less distinct. Therefore, it is important for a bank to set itself apart and thus increase its competitiveness. The InfoPanels System modernizes the interior of your bank, displays all the important information in a well-arranged way, makes the waiting for the clients more pleasant and ensures their satisfaction and your popularity.

InfoPanels can also display the consecutive numbers of the clients – the electronic waiting lists for the individual counters – and direct them to the banker using arrows, thus elegantly providing a smooth progress of the customer service and making both their and your day better.

InfoPanels can display the current list of exchange rates, share quotations, bank product presentations or inform of special offers or latest news.

Benefits of InfoPanels for Banks

  • Building directory, navigating clients to individual bank departments
  • Displaying the consecutive numbers of the client waiting list according to preset requirements and directing them to the counters
  • Online display of the lists of exchange rates, share quotations of selected companies etc.
  • Displaying current information in the form of a running text (free access to some counters, bank product events – such as personal loans etc.)
  • Welcoming VIP clients and guests – for example, in the lobby of the bank
  • Information about the individual bank products, current interest rates etc.
  • Displaying warnings in case of imminent danger and navigation to emergency exits, displaying important operating information