The InfoPanels system displays data and information, shows news, operating changes, race results, events, and other news and can automatically run urgent messages on all displays at the same time.


For example, participants are more motivated when they can see the actual race and the overall results. Data can be evaluated in the manufacturing premises and the information shown, such as the employee of the day or week, consequently leads to higher motivation and an increase in productivity and efficiency.

Advertising and Entertainment

Advertising can be displayed in the form of animation, film clips or presentations. Videos, news, images, weather forecasts or online television can be shown when guests are waiting and need to pass the time.


The InfoPanels system enables to control interactive kiosk by gestures to access the requested information by  selecting from a list of sources by searching for or entering input data. Interaction is provided by the touch display area, buttons, touchpad or another input device.


The presentation or advertising are planned in terms of content and time and are automatically run and consequently disconnected.


Using the InfoPanels system, the entire network topology can be designed. InfoPanels serve as a navigator in buildings, sports venues, in large shopping and congress centres, where the destination can be easily reached thanks to displaying orientation maps and arrows.