InfoPanels v autosalonech

InfoPanels is a digital visual display unit and at the same time extremely effective tool for rapid, simple and reliable presentation of data.

Modern car dealership cannot get along without innovative approach to electronic media.

  • The main panel is usually designed for presentation purposes, such as exhibition of new models by impressive shots and promotional.
  • The panel at the front desk or reception can view the status of orders, special offers, recommendations for proper maintenance, services and loyalty benefits to new and existing customers.
  • The interactive panel makes an ideal position in the showroom or service bay. Such display positioning lets the customer easily orientate in a number of technical and commercial information.

Outdoor Information Panel

Outdoor LED screen or LED film placed on the glass will atract customers by capturing their attention. InfoPanels system ensures easy management of content and optimal presentation for each type of display area.

Interactive Panel

Touch screen scrolling through technical specifications. Touch display offers more options for presentation such as rotating of 3D model. Statistics from interactive panel will provide important information about what customers care about most.

Current Contract Screen

Graphical representation of the state of contract/service strengthens customer confidence. Client can monitor professional equipment and careful work of mechanics in real-time transmission from cameras mounted in the workshop, while waiting in the lounge.

Own and Partner Advertising

InfoPanels contains a module for management of ads.

It can be used not only for own advertising, but at the same time offers space for partnership advertising of complementary goods such as financing services, insurance, GPS tracking, car security and auto cosmetics, etc.

Advantages of the InfoPanels System

Access to a wide range of data sources

  • digital media networks – weather, place-based media, internet TV channels, sports scores …
  • integration with existing systems – orders, economic, CCTV…
  • compatible with all multimedia files of all conventional formats – video, pictures, presentations, PDF…

Easy to use

  • information management process is easier than sending e-mail
  • slide shows schedule is easy to change
  • completely unattended operation settings

Power saving mode

  • digital displays on-off timing
  • remote administration of panels, including distant offices

Additional services

  • original graphic designs creation
  • service support