Control centres are the main control, organization and coordination centres of production in a large industrial plant, in a power plant, during distribution of power sources or electric power from the place of their production or storage to the place of their final consumption, in transport or forwarding companies, or for large transport systems.


Operative dispatching control of such large, and in terms of area often very extensive complexes requires the use of various elements and complex systems from the area of telecommunications, control, regulation, communications and computer technology. All this could not do without the high-quality display of technological data and top-class images and it is an essential prerequisite for achieving ergonomic working conditions and, most importantly, for providing continuous and clear information to the operator regarding the status of processes or activities in the monitored areas.

Our standard offering includes a wide range of display units suitable for small, medium, as well as large-scale applications. Modern, cutting-edge technology in the area of image processing is ideal for control centres with continuous operation where emphasis is put on high reliability and efficiency of the solution. In association with the InfoPanels system, it makes it possible to put together a video wall of various sizes, with an option to display various signals on each panel.