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InfoPanels presents users with information that needs to be delivered in a professional graphic form to the recipients. Therefore, graphic design is an integral part of our services. ELVAC SOLUTIONS provides a modern graphic design for the InfoPanels System and other graphic services.

We provide tailor-made graphic solutions of the InfoPanels System as well as other IT products we offer to suit your requirements. Our graphic designers will design and create the graphic version of your InfoPanels presentations in accordance with your corporate identity.

However, our portfolio of graphic services is much broader.

Other Graphic Services

  • Creating a corporate logotype, product logos, additional graphic symbols and other object-oriented graphics
  • Designing your corporate identity
  • Corporate documents (headed papers, corporate notepads, stickers, corporate CD covers etc.)
  • Business cards
  • Presentation templates
  • Advertising prints
  • Small-scale printed material (advertising leaflets)
  • Web presentations with a professional design
  • Internet advertising – static and dynamic (Flash) banners
  • Electronic catalogues