InfoPanels layout for conference centres

The InfoPanels system can be used in congress centres and halls as a navigation system that provides directions for guests to the individual conference rooms and halls using arrows. The system also provides information about the course of meetings taking place in the individual rooms, either through informative messages or videos and records.

Benefits of InfoPanels for Congress Centres

  • Navigating through the building, navigating to conference rooms with presentations, restaurants etc.
  • Displaying an overview of the individual events in all conference rooms
  • Displaying event schedules for a particular conference room
  • Welcoming VIP delegations and guests – for example in the lobby of the congress centre
  • Displaying advertisements, exchange rates, latest news in the form of a running text (and in selected languages in case of international conferences)
  • Displaying the current news about the events in the places of residence of the individual participants (international conferences)
  • Displaying warnings in case of imminent danger and navigation to emergency exits, displaying important operating information