Návrh realizace InfoPanels pro restaurace

Hotels and restaurants references

  • Intercontinental Praha
  • Hotel Praha
  • Holiday Inn Brno
  • Harmony Club Hotel Špindlerův Mlýn
  • Park Holiday Praha
  • Kaštieľ Mojmírovce
  • Hotel Savannah
  • Club Hotel Praha
  • Congres Service: Reduta

InfoPanels represents a digital display equipment system and an extraordinarily efficient tool for fast, simple, and reliable presentation of data.

In the area of gastronomy, visitors notice the meal and beverage offer the most. Therefore, it is needed to draw attention to it distinctively. A dynamic multimedia presentation convinces the customers much better than static advertising. By catching the guests’ attention, it is possible to increase sales and improve services.

Furthermore, additional information provides high added value for guests and generates direct profit for the operator through partner advertising on the screen.

The InfoPanels system is recommended for all types of restaurants.

InfoPanels for Luxury Restaurants

InfoPanels in luxury restaurants contribute to the maximum level of provided services. A restaurant popular due to its lunchtime menu can attract daytime guests to the evening gastronomic and drinks menu or to present itself as the perfect venue for a weekend celebration or a social event on the InfoPanels system screens.

InfoPanels for Fast Food

InfoPanels is also recommended for fast food establishments where the main objective is to serve the maximum number of customers within the shortest possible time. In this environment,it is crucial to present offers in the multimedia form, to adapt offers daily, and to attract guests with a suitably exciting menu.

We always create custom functionality and graphical design of individual screens.

Benefits of InfoPanels Presentation

Screens can be located anywhere in a restaurant to provide customers with information on the current offer.

  • Costs are decreased due to faster and cheaper changes in offers compared to printed materials.
  • Orders are served faster because the client receives more information and receives it on time.
  • Operation of the chain is simplified through the remote control support of offers in geographically distant restaurants.
  • Sales are increased due to the attractive graphical presentation of meals and beverages.
  • The system has a big influence on the guests’ decisions.
  • Presentations can be adapted for various times of the day.
  • The system can display nutritional values and other important information for interested guests.
  • The system can immediately react to any situation where a meal or menu becomes unavailable.
  • The interactive panel ensures servicing the maximum number of customers within the shortest possible time, particularly for drive-in windows which decrease servicing costs.

You can find more information about the functions and hardware in the respective InfoPanels system documentation. Our company offers all services from the project through system development and implementation up to servicing and the installation of new software versions so that our clients are always one step ahead of the competition.