InfoPanels layout for medical facilities

Hospitals, spas and other medical facilities are currently undergoing modernization. The InfoPanels System is one of the methods of making the patients’ stays more pleasant and helping visitors getting around easier.

InfoPanels can be used as a building directory in medical facilities; it can direct patients and visitors to the individual departments, physicians, procedures as well as to buffets, canteens and other objects and facilities.

The system is also important for waiting rooms where it informs patients about the physicians who are on duty, about the office hours. The system can also display a waiting list of patients together with an estimated time of consultation or show news, videos, presentations or advertisements.

Benefits of InfoPanels for Medical Facilities

  • Navigating to the individual departments in the medical facility, building directories
  • Information about other objects and services within the medical facility
  • Central information system – displaying current information online directly in the waiting rooms or in the lobbies
  • Operating information about the office hours of the individual departments and their changes
  • Presentations of doctors and nurses on duty at their departments
  • Online display of the waiting list of patients, displaying a call to enter the surgery of the corresponding physician
  • Displaying Internet television broadcast, news or videos to make waiting more tolerable
  • Displaying warnings in case of imminent danger and navigation to emergency exits, displaying important operating information