Návrh realizace InfoPanels pro sportovní areály

The InfoPanels System can be also used at sports fields and in sports facilities. The electronic information displays provide match or game participants with information about the progress of the game, the results, the current condition of the fields, obstacles or about the weather and latest news. It can notify visitors of future sports events, tournaments, matches or sports results at other facilities and stadiums.

The video presentations can be used during the game at the stadium, in the auditorium or VIP lounges to play an interesting tournament, to show advertisements or to provide information about nearby restaurants, spas, wellness and fitness centres.

InfoPanels play an important role as a navigator through the facility: they direct fans to the individual exits, refreshments, halls and so on. They can display important operating information or an alarm warning in case of danger.

InfoPanels can also evaluate the results and times of the individual competitors. For that purpose, it was last used at Ještěrka CUP 2009 organized by Linde Material Handling.

Thanks to InfoPanels, it is possible to easily modernize a sports facility and make the day for fans and players more pleasant.

Benefits of InfoPanels for Sports Facilities

  • Signposts to the individual objects in the sports facility (fields, halls, pools, refreshment, shops for fans etc.) and facility directories
  • Information about other objects and services in the sports facility (massage parlours, fitness centres etc.), information about their business hours and any potential changes
  • Information about the ongoing sports matches and directions to the venues, sports schedules, promotion of events
  • Displaying current information about the status of a match or a game online at the stadium or in other areas of the sports facility
  • Information about currently opened/closed exits
  • Displaying advertisements in the form of videos, MS PowerPoint presentations or websites
  • Displaying the broadcast of an Internet television, closed circuit television, news or videos
  • Displaying current information, e.g. in the form of a running text
  • Displaying warnings in case of imminent danger and navigation to emergency exits, displaying important operating information