Hotels and Boarding Houses

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Hotels and restaurants references
  • Intercontinental Praha
  • Hotel Praha
  • Holiday Inn Brno
  • Harmony Club Hotel Špindlerův Mlýn
  • Park Holiday Praha
  • Kaštieľ Mojmírovce
  • Hotel Savannah
  • Club Hotel Praha
  • Congres Service: Reduta

InfoPanels is a comprehensive digital signage and information technology solution.

The InfoPanels system provides hotel guests with important information about many activities in the hotel or across a global network of hotels as well as news about local attractions etc. Digital signage plays an important role in the hotel environment and the InfoPanels system can be found in luxury wellness and spa hotels through typical town hotels down to small tourist hotels and pensions. The InfoPanels system makes it possible to easily and economically nise hotel premises and expand the services offered by the hotel.

Using the connection to databases, Intranet, and other external sources, the hotel can display current information in true real time and enhance the guests’ experience.

Navigation and Virtual Receptionist

The InfoPanels system offers an alternative to static navigation in the form of a “virtual receptionist”, which facilitates guest orientation within the building. It directs conference participants to individual lounges, those interested in relaxation and boarding to the wellness centre, swimming pool or sun parlour, buffet, restaurants, and coffee bars. The virtual receptionist also provides complex information on hotel events and services.

Multimedia Interactive Receptions

In cooperation with our partners, we offer a wide range of interactive display equipment in various sizes and formats for the InfoPanels system. Interactivity is via a touch screen or the panel can be equipped with another control device, such as a keyboard, trackball or touchpad. This display equipment, together with the InfoPanels system, represents a complete information system for use in hotel environments. We always create custom functionality and graphical design of individual screens for the customer.

The interactive reception allows hotel guests to obtain current information about sights, culture, transport, and entertainment at the location. The statistics of the multimedia interactive reception provide the hotel operator with important information on guest preferences.

Benefits of the InfoPanels System

Screens can be located anywhere and can accompany hotel guests from entrance areas, through the reception, the lift, up to the hotel room where they can also serve as a multimedia interactive reception offering these services:

  • Hotel guide
  • Virtual receptionist providing various information
    • Daily menu, meal menu and selected restaurant events
    • Programme of events within the hotel and the surroundings
    • Current weather and weather forecast
    • Local airport flight departures / arrivals / delays / cancellations
    • Advertisements, foreign currency exchange quotations
      and current news
    • Internet kiosk
    • Welcoming VIP guests, e.g. at the hotel entrance hall
  • Television broadcasting (from the Internet or from own sources)
  • Advertising banner for popular offers and events
  • E-shop offering hotel products
  • Information output into the hotel TV circuit
  • Connection to the hotel event management system
  • Display of warnings and directions to emergency exits, display of important hotel operating information
  • And many others…

You can find more information about the functions and hardware in the respective InfoPanels system documentation. Our company offers all services from the project through system development and implementation up to servicing and the installation of new software versions so that our clients are always one step ahead of the competition.