SLA services

Instead of regular technical support we offer services covered by a contractual relationship under an SLA agreement (Service Level Agreement) for each InfoPanels system. Based on your specific requirements, SLA principles are specified which form the basis for concluding a service contract. The principles concern:

  • the level of service activities  – the extent to which the service activities relate to
  • the extent of service readiness and service actions
  • price for the service readiness and hourly rate for service actions
  • definition of priorities for the specified levels of service activities
  • parameters of service activities according to the priorities – reaction time, time of service action commencement, time of putting the system into operation through a corrective measure and time of the final solution to the problem
  • sanctions for non-performance of the required level of service activities

Common definition of sevies priorities

Priority 1 The solution is completely out of operation or it is non-functional for operational use.
Priority 2 Some of the key parts of the solution are unavailable or reactions of key functions are unreliable or atypical, there is a risk of a system failure.
Priority 3 Some of the less significant solution functions are unavailable or their reactions are unreliable or atypical. The system can be used with limitation, without a significant impact on the Client´s operation.
Priority 4 Some of the insignificant (convenient) solution functions are unavailable and the remaining parts of the solution are working properly without any impact on regular data processing. The operation comfort of the system is lower. The system shows increased workload for the operator. During the system operation, there is an increased risk of human error.
Priority 5 The Client requires solution changes which involve a change in the existing functions or implementation of new functions.

Definition of parameters

  • Reaction time (time of reaction) – the time in which a requirement is registered in the internal system of ELVAC SOLUTIONS, and/or accepted by the company staff over the phone (not compulsory for all contracts).
  • Commencement of action – the time in which an action is commenced by the company which brings a solution to the problem.
  • Putting the system into operation -putting the customer´s system into operation (with a piece of advice, restart or state of emergency).
  • Corrective measure – time within which a corrective measure is prepared which will prevent recurrence of the problem.

The main parameters of a service contract include the mode of service readiness and reaction time. You can choose service readiness up to the maximum extent, i.e. 24 hours a day, 7 days a week (24/7).

ELVAC SOLUTIONS - Certifikát ISO 20000 Provision of services in our company is governed by the ISO 20000 standard (further overview of standards which our company complies with can be found in the Downloads section).

Contact for technical support

Telefon: +420 597 407 507