InfoPanelsInfoPanels is an ideal system for displaying electronic information and data. Not only does it provide technical means (displays, computers) for the implementation of a distributed information system, but also a set of reciprocally connectable software applications solving specific tasks.

InfoPanels consists of a computer with the Windows operating system, respective software and a display unit.

InfoPanels has user-friendly graphics; it is easy to create graphic designs and all elements can be simply inserted by dragging them into the graphic design window.

InfoPanels can display a video, text and graphics at the same time and it is also possible to insert online information into the layout (news, weather, television broadcast etc.), to schedule a presentation or an advertisement.

The system can be easily extended by other display devices without having to intervene with the application settings.

InfoPanels can display a warning in case of imminent danger or important operating information using a special element and at the same time, it may also serve as an electronic road sign showing clients the way to the individual rooms, halls and building entrances.