Intercontinental Praha

The five-star hotel at the centre of Prague by the Vltava bank and only a few minutes of walk from the Old Town Square is an ideal place for holding various conferences, presentation events or important meetings. Its original static interior orientation system no longer satisfied the current trends as it did not provide requested information and required manual installation of printed information blocks. The solution in the form of InfoPanels, developed and delivered by ELVAC and Minekopa using the Microsoft .NET and Microsoft SQL Server technologies, brought the possibility to dynamically display information about ongoing events, including directions to the venues; the system also provides multimedia presentations, current news and other useful services. Hotel Intercontinental

Reduta Bratislava – Seat of the Slovak Philharmonic Orchestra

The building was erected in 1913-1919 in the place of an old city granary. The project was prepared by architects Dezider Komor and Marcel Jakab. It used to be a place of entertainment, variety shows, performances and various social gatherings of the Bratislava citizens. At present, Reduta is the seat of the Slovak Philharmonic Orchestra. The building has been under reconstruction since 2009 that also included the equipment of the sound studios and addition of InfoPanels to the public spaces of the building to provide visitors and musicians with information about planned concerts, events organized by the Orchestra and multimedia shows from past events. Reduta - Slovak Philharmonic Orchestra

Hotel Savannah

Hotel Savannah **** Deluxe in Hatě u Znojma is a newly built international hotel providing a whole range of exceptional services. Not only does it provide comfortable accommodation, but it also offers a state-of-the-art high-capacity congress centre, a restaurant and a bar, conference halls, wellness and fitness centres, weddings, Ajurveda, a spa centre and it has its own parking lot. The conference halls are equipped with InfoPanels and they are prepared to host renowned scientific conferences as well as discreet business meetings, corporate celebrations or weddings of all sizes. The variable solution of eight halls with the capacity of 15 to 500 people is suitable for corporate parties, celebrations, weddings etc.

Harmony Club Hotel Špindlerův Mlýn

Harmony Club Hotely a.s. is a company that owns a network of hotels in Špindlerův Mlýn in the Krkonoše Mountains, in Ostrava and Pardubice with an extensive offer of complete accommodation, catering and conference services with an offer of sports and wellness services. The InfoPanels System is installed in the luxurious Harmony Club wellness hotel located directly on the slope of the ski area called Medvědín in the picturesque town of Špindlerův Mlýn, in the very heart of Krkonoše.