Mondelēz International (Kraft Foods, Inc.)

The annual turnover of approximately 48 billion US dollars makes Kraft Foods one of the largest global food-processing companies in the field of snacks, sweets and fast-food. As the second largest food-processing company in the world, Kraft Foods produces excellent products for its consumers in more than 160 countries of the world. It is now undisputedly the number one in the production of cookies and chocolate sweets on the Czech and Slovak markets: it makes and sells about 450 products under 26 brands there.

Kraft Foods uses InfoPanels for information, advertising and motivational purposes. Visitors and employees can see advertisements, various presentations and economic results of the company. As for the motivation and prevention of job-related injuries, the system displays semaphores indicating the number of days without injuries both in the company and globally. In the production halls, the system displays efficiency and production quality charts for the individual production lines. In 2012, the European part of the company was renamed to Mondelēz International.

Mondelēz International (Kraft Foods, Inc.)


The Třinec Ironworks, which the locals call the Werk, is an industrial enterprise with the longest tradition of metallurgical production in the Czech Republic. The company with a closed metallurgical production cycle was founded in 1839 by the Těšín Chamber and today Třinecké železárny is not only an important metallurgical company, but also a significant element of the region and the city of Třinec, which transformed from a small agricultural village to a significant city thanks to the ironworks.

There are various digital signage solutions in the form of InfoPanels in several operations of the ironworks, mainly fulfilling informative and motivational purposes. In addition to displaying information, there are also interactive solutions, such as the digital telephone directory at the gatehouse and so on.

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INERGY Automotive Systems Slovakia, s.r.o.

INERGY Automotive System Slovakia focuses on the production of plastic fuel tanks for vehicle models manufactured in VW in Devínská Nová Ves (Touareg, Polo, Audi Q7, Porsche Cayanne etc.) and Chrysler Voyager. The production processes in the company are realized in three production chains.

A visualization system that would replace the existent information board system requiring several updates a day was required due to the increasing needs of consumers and the effort to organize the warehouse stock that cannot be kept high with the just-in-time deliveries to customers.

The InfoPanels System with plasma and LCD displays and an industrial mini PC was selected as the most suitable solution. The system allows online display of the number of produced pieces, the plan and its fulfilment by the individual lines. The solution was implemented in accordance with the IPS standard, the rules of the INERGY Visual Management and it was connected with the production planning system.

INERGY Automotive Systems Slovakia, s.r.o.

Bekaert Slovakia, s.r.o.

Bekaert is a leading multinational company in the field of steel wire processing that employs over twenty-seven thousand people. Bekaert Slovakia with its factories in Hlohovec and Sládkovičov specializes in the production of wire materials for the building industry and tyre cords. The current highly competitive situation on the market poses great demands on production efficiency and thus the company focused on minimizing the downtime of the individual machines. The pursuit of positive employee motivation by the production plant management, for instance by their financial interest in the performance, ran into the lack of information from the operation. The company lacked a tool that would monitor the operating condition of the individual machines in detail and thus allowed unambiguously distinguishing between efficient and responsible workers and those who pull the production efficiency downwards. The objective of the commission was to find a solution that would accurately monitor machine utilization, record and categorize downtimes and also provide employees at various corporate hierarchy levels with corresponding information, all of which without increasing the overhead costs.

Bekaert Slovakia, s.r.o.

The combination of the EIS System (ELVAC Industry Signage) and InfoPanels, which the client internally calls the VAS System (Visualization Automation System), was selected as the ideal solution. It is designed as an extension and addition of the Database Automation System (internal Bekaert solution) that obtains information about the machines in real time using PLC controllers. Subsequently, VAS collects, processes, sorts out and retroactively provides acquired information in the form of a graphic presentation of the production data from the individual branches of Bekaert Slovakia s.r.o. and Bekaert Hlohovec a.s.

The system interface is realized through the ASP.NET website that runs on the IIS platform (Internet Information Services). The proposed solution with the use of the website provides for an easy consolidation into one “portal” and its subsequent use by managing production employees who can monitor current production data, overall equipment efficiency (OEE) and so on directly from their computers using an internet browser.

The multi-language reports are used both for displaying in the InfoPanels System (panels in the production, canteens etc.) and for displaying separately on the web for the needs of the managing employees. In addition to production data, the system also displays presentations, latest news, operating changes and informs of the results of competitions, future events and other facts.

Global Business, s.r.o.

Global Business s.r.o. exclusively deals with the production and design of low-voltage electric distributors with rated voltage of up to 1000V and rated current of up to 6300A. The company is one of the five largest producers of distributors in the Czech Republic. The annual turnover of the company is 120 – 150 million Czech crowns. From the very beginning, the entire process has been controlled and monitored using the OBIS information system that controls and optimizes all production and logistic processes that take place in the company.

The InfoPanels System in Global Business is used both in the production and the administrative part of the building. In the production hall, the panels display information about the executed and dispatched orders and in the office building, they welcome, navigate and inform customers and employees.

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The Donghee production plant in Český Těšín for the production of components for passenger vehicles includes a welding plant, two paint shops – cataphoresis and electrostatics, assembly lines, a compressor plant, technical gas evaporating stations and many other divisions.

Our Company realized an order for so-called control sheets for the production plant that are used for entering and approving the results of the individual production tasks executed at selected workstations. The results are entered and approved using interactive displays and software based on our long-term knowledge in the field of Digital Signage. Approvals take place on a multi-level basis and the resulting control sheets are provided in both printed and electronic form. The control sheets can be displayed directly on the interactive displays or in applications based on the EIS technology (ELVAC Industry Signage) installed in the computers of medium-level managing employees.



ABB is a leading global company providing technology for the energy industry and automation that allow power engineering and industrial enterprises increase their efficiency while decreasing the impact of their activity on the environment. ABB has 135,000 employees in more than 100 countries. ABB has been operating in the Czech Republic since 1970; it runs its business in eight localities and currently employees almost 3,000 people. Czech ABB has the possibility to use international know-how and the latest R&D results of a global company. It offers an added value to its customers in the form of a strong background of its own engineering and service centres and long-term experience of traditional Czech producers. The main lines of business of ABB are: Energy Industry Products, Energy Industry Systems, Production Automation and Drives, Low-voltage Products and Process Automation.

The Brno branch requested a production data presentation using a TV wall located in the production hall. The TV wall was installed using eight LCD screens and it was expanded to sixteen screens four years later. The InfoPanels System displays production data, such as capacity fulfilment, register of produced and dispatched pieces, production plan and so on. The data for the displays are received from SAP systems, Excel files and the corporate Intranet.